Group community service project ideas

Great Examples of Community Service Projects

Do something that you find important and that you enjoy doing. Try to commit to each project for at least a year. You can also try out a few different community service opportunities before choosing one that you want to stick with. The experience will be more meaningful to you, could lead to a lifelong passion or even career, and has the potential to help you earn a spot at your dream college or university.

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Find your dream school. Author: Jason Patel Jason Patel is the founder of Transizion, a college counseling and career services company that provides mentorship and consulting on college applications, college essays, resumes, cover letters, interviews, and finding jobs and internships.

More Articles By Niche. Veterans have many resources available to help navigate the transition to civilian life. Find Where You Belong. Organize or participate in a sleep-out. Experience the difficulties that homeless people face every day while raising money and awareness for homeless or at-risk youth.

Volunteer on Thanksgiving Day invite your whole family to participate! See if a local shelter or community meal needs volunteers.

20 Community Service Ideas

Local organizations often host holiday parties or gift giveaways for children in need. Check with shelters, foster organizations, libraries and religious organizations to see when they need volunteers or donated goods. Make a Commitment Volunteer organizations love consistency — and a recurring commitment looks good on your high school resume.

Here are the types of organizations that like long-term volunteers. Be prepared that some jobs may require you to commit to training. Ask at veterinarian offices about volunteer opportunities working with animals.

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The organization accepts students 16 and up for its after-school mentoring program. Elder-care facilities welcome volunteer musicians, readers and crafters to lead activities or to help with technology. Not sure you have a talent to share? Ask if you can drop by regularly to chat with residents who do not have family or frequent visitors.

Love the outdoors?

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Environmental organizations need volunteers to do tasks such as water testing, trail maintenance and animal management. If you are a science kid, this might be a perfect match for your skills.

Offer to baby-sit for a family in need. Are you a gardener? You can grow flowers and deliver them to nursing homes or donate fresh vegetables to a food bank. Do Your Own Thing Have a unique idea for giving back to the community? Start your own nonprofit! Neha Gupta began her nonprofit at the age of 9!

The organization works to dispose of drugs in an environmentally friendly and safe way. At 13, she started her own rescue organization. Wanting to fight hunger, Katie Stagliano started planting fruits and vegetables in her garden to help the hungry. Tutoring experience can serve as a springboard for a number of careers, such as teaching, coaching, and counseling.

Community Service Ideas for Small Groups

It would be much better to choose a short-term project and follow through with it than make an unrealistic commitment and need to quit. This exercise might leave you with less than 5 hours of free time, which is all you need to be an effective volunteer. The ideal community service project is a blend of altruism and personal experience. In other words, your project should help others first and foremost while also providing you with real skills. Therefore, if you would like to develop cross-cultural skills, you might like to volunteer your time as a tutor of English as a foreign language.

Such an experience would bring you into contact with individuals from diverse backgrounds and serve as a cross-cultural exchange. On another front, if you are someone who excels at sports, you might opt to serve in a physically rigorous volunteer role. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity offer the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands dirty while building homes for people in dire financial need. Keep in mind that some community service projects may have a learning curve and require a set amount of training.

The 75 ideas presented here range from short-term projects of a few hours to long-term commitments of several months. Do you coo at the sight of a cuddly kitten? Cry happy tears when a puppy gives you a sloppy kiss on the foot? Do you have a self-starting, innovative personality?

General Community Service Ideas

Then you could go beyond this list and create your own community service project. Here are a few ways you can strike out on your own:. Creating your own community service opportunities is a way to shine as a leader while honing valuable project management skills. This is certainly the more challenging path to travel with community service, but it may also be the most rewarding.

In fact, personal goals become secondary when you work with an organization you whole-heartedly support.