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How lawyers and judges can help rebuild public trust and confidence in our justice system

September 13, Can our independent judiciary survive the politicized criticism leveled against it? It is this concept, and its existence in fact, that separates our society from most others.

September 6, Can licensed legal paraprofessionals narrow the access-to-justice gap? Proposals for addressing the commonplace civil legal needs of low- and moderate-income persons by authorizing limited practice by licensed nonlawyer paraprofessionals have been gaining acceptance. Unlike paralegals, such paraprofessionals provide services without supervision by an attorney.

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Two state supreme courts have embraced the licensed legal technician concept, and other jurisdictions…. August 30, There is no justice as long as millions lack meaningful access to it Equal access to justice is a pillar of our justice system and a core American value. In fact, it has been fundamental to our self-understanding since even before we were a nation.

Reinvigorating our defense of state courts Politically motivated attacks on state court justices in merit retention elections based on disagreement with their courts' opinions have escalated significantly since August 16, The ABA has had a long commitment to judicial independence, but how should it meet new challenges? August 9, How lawyers and judges can help rebuild public trust and confidence in our justice system At all levels, our court systems and legal service providers are struggling.

Large corporations and others who can afford the cost…. July 19, Digital age reinforces the need for judiciary to act as a bulwark against tyranny If a judge upholds a bad policy in the course of deciding a discrete case, should that decision be condemned? If a judge applies a good policy in deciding an issue, should the result be lauded?

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What duty must citizens perform in each instance? A single right and profound response….

Role Of Judiciary : Court 's Guidelines

This apex court, besides being the final court of permissible appeal, also deals with interstate matters and matters that involve more than one state, matters between the Union Government and any or more states. The President of India can seek consultation and guidance including the opinion of the apex court and its judges.

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This court can penalize anybody for its own contempt. Appeals to the Supreme Court are allowed from the High Court only. If the matter is deemed to be important enough on the point of law or on the subject of the constitution of the nation and is certified as such by the High court, then and then alone is the Appeal forwarded to the Supreme Court.

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Special Leave Petitions are allowed in the absence of appeal from the High Court with the leave of the apex court. Each state is further divided into judicial districts presided over by a district and sessions judge, who is the highest judicial authority in the district.

Below him, there are courts of civil jurisdiction, known in different states as sub-judges or civil judges. The Criminal Judiciary comprises of chief judicial magistrate and judicial magistrates of first and second class. The Indian judiciary has become a crumbling institution that has no internal mechanisms.

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It has displayed a distinct lack of will or strength to adapt to the changing times. Due to the time it takes to get justice in India, people have an inclination to evade filing cases. International investors and corporations take this as a stumbling block of doing business in India. The long drawn out Jessica Lai murder case and the Mumbai blasts of highlight the weaknesses of our judiciary. The Harshad Mehta scam one of the first major scandals is a good example of how long the Indian judiciary takes to serve justice.