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Ornish or Dr. Peppy: Is there clinical evidence of any certain diet that reverses or stops carotid artery disease? Plant-based diets, such as those by Dr. Caldwell Esslestyn and Dr. Dean Ornish, which have been shown to reverse arteriosclerosis of the coronary arteries, would likely have similar affects on all other arteries in the body including the carotid arteries.

Needless to say, besides an optimal lifestyle that includes physical activity, no smoking, and regular stress management practices in addition to diet, you need to follow the advice of your physician regarding medications.

Impact of Today’s Lifestyle on our Health

Jsweetie: Do you believe the anti- inflammatory diet as suggested by Dr. Andrew Weil is a beneficial diet? Therefore, lifestyle changes, such as dietary, stress management and physical activities, which are known to reduce inflammation, may be beneficial. There is a lot of debate about what is the most optimal anti-inflammatory diet.

For example, does one need to eat omega 3 fats from fish or not, and so on. The current evidence points to the benefits of true plant-based diet without fish or dairy.

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Click for more information about anti-inflammatory diets. Whether this diet would be the most optimal for somebody with severe coronary artery disease remains unknown. In your opinion, is it compatible with someone with IBS? You mentioned a plant-based diet being beneficial. Hence, I would be eliminating sugar to start with. PENN: I have had two bariatric surgeries. I had another surgery by Dr. Philip Schauer at Cleveland Clinic in , but I did not lose weight. Are there special food plans for bariatric patients? Michael Roizen? That is true for physical activity, meditation and particularly food choices.

For example, a patient with a genetic predisposition for coronary artery disease can reduce his or her risk of heart attack to a level similar to a normal population of people just by eating large quantities of green leafy vegetables. In regards to patients with bariatric surgery, all principals of healthy lifestyles apply. As for the general population, you would benefit from eating a plant based-diet, and engage in regular physical activity and daily stress management practices.

I have tested negative to all food allergies, but I decided to go gluten free over two months ago, and now I want to eliminate sugar from my diet as well. I had my physical last week and was told I am vitamin D deficient and borderline diabetic. I am 44 years old, female, five-foot and five inches tall, and weigh about pounds. I am somewhat active, but not as active I would like to be. I have been reading that diet and your digestive tract contribute significantly to chronic diseases.

What other resources and advice you can provide to ensure that I can maintain good health? Just make sure you take it with the largest meal of the day because this is a fat soluble vitamin, and it is poorly absorbed in the absence of fat. It is a good idea that you want to eliminate sugars, syrups and refined carbohydrates from your diet. Eat percent whole grain products, legumes and vegetables instead.

Along with daily physical activity, this will help you control your blood sugar and reduce your risk of progression to type 2 diabetes. There are many options for percent whole grains that do not contain gluten. The health of your gut is important to your overall health because the bacteria that reside in your gut are highly metabolically active, surpassing the metabolic capacity of your liver.

Our dietary choices determine which types of bacteria reside in our large intestine. Therefore, focusing on a plant-based diet as outlined above will have benefits for gut health as well. You may find that the regular practice of stress management techniques, such as yoga, meditation or tai chi will help you with your IBS symptoms. This is a low-risk proposition without any side effects or interaction with any medications that you may be taking—it just requires dedication to daily practice.

You can learn many of those techniques on your own—or even better, you can take classes taught by professionals in these techniques. We offer an online stress management program called Stress Free Now that you can access and use in your daily life. I had an Roux-en-y gastric bypass in , and lost 90 lbs.

I have, unfortunately, gained all of the weight back over the past 5 years, due to extreme stress, lack of exercise due to fibromyalgia pain, and poor eating habits. My health has deteriorated so much since my surgery. What you can do under the circumstances you described is to focus on stress management practices. Even with your limited physical abilities you will be able to practice mindfulness meditation—a technique that was shown to benefit patients with chronic disease such as fibromyalgia.

Finding stress relief will also help you with making healthier food choices and mindful eating will help you control portion size. Again, focus on eating mostly plants and avoiding animal foods. There are at least two studies that suggest that some patients with fibromyalgia may benefit from eating a vegan diet.

Jsweetie: Are there any lifestyle choices that help with non-preventable diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis? However, choosing a healthy lifestyle may be beneficial by improving your general overall health.

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Peppy: The diet by Dr. Dean Ornish allows some dairy—I think a cup a day, whereas the diet by Dr.

Caldwell Esslestyn does not allow dairy at all. Should all dairy be dropped? One serving of low fat dairy foods in the context of an overall low-fat, plant-based diet may be insignificant. However, that determination has to be made on an individual basis. Overuse of simple sugars and dairy products is epidemic in our country as are chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

You can get all the calcium from green leafy vegetables without the extra protein and fats that come from dairy. Instead of simple sugars and syrups, choose foods and products that are unrefined, percent whole grain. What are your thoughts? Is one method better than another? Our Stone Age genes that we all carry today know well how to deal with foods that we chew rather than have the blender chew for us.


Chewing and eating slowly produces beneficial hormonal changes that prevent us from taking in too many calories. Put in other words, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and heart disease can be reversed. Short-term changes can be achieved, but long-term changes to diet and exercise habits are very hard. What tips can you offer on making long-term behavioral changes? It is very difficult to follow a healthy lifestyle in our modern toxic environment where unhealthy lifestyle choices are default.

There is no magic formula on how to overcome that on an individual basis. The key is to focus on making daily progress rather than being perfect. Do consistent small daily steps such as walking daily at least 15 to 20 minutes, meditating daily or doing yoga for another 10 to 20 minutes, and eating a low-fat diet based on plant foods.

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  8. What is often helpful is having a buddy who is on the same path as you, and also having supportive family and friends. I dislike most fruits except for apples and watermelon, and also most vegetables, except for corn, potatoes and green beans. This makes it very hard to eat a healthy diet. I know I like all the wrong things, including carbohydrates, meat, sugar and so on.

    WHO Technical Report Series, No. 916 (TRS 916)

    Is there a way to change my tastes at this age? We are not born with a dislike for many foods.

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    Rather we are conditioned to avoid them because of our growing conditions. If you look at little children or domesticated animals taste buds can be trained to like new textures and flavors within a couple of weeks. What do you say to people who seem to think that yoga is part of the Hindu religion. There is nothing uniquely Hindu or religious when one practices breathing techniques, meditation or body postures.

    Powerful Essays words 2. That was the first time I learned that my maternal and paternal grandparents were diagnosed with the same diseases Type 2 diabetes and colon cancer. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that helps the body move sugar from your blood into your muscles and cells for energy and storage We should have a healthy lifestyle and avoid different risk factors that lead to disease.

    A healthy lifestyle is the correct way to reduce the risk of having many chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases which are the most common diseases in the UAE.