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Most children now have video games, televisions of their own, cellphones, tablets, laptops, and ipods. Children are being raised by the electronics that they are surrounded by rather than their parents. They are constantly surrounded by violent content whether it is from television, movies, or music. On the other side of this are those that say that the violence that is portrayed constantly around us has no more of an effect on our children now than it did fifty years ago. This would also be a true assessment.

Just because a child plays violent video games or watches shows that have some form of violence in them does not mean that the child is also going to be violent. Just because they listen to songs that have lyrics regarding some random act of violence does not mean that they are going to preform that same act. They can be taught right and wrong by the adult influences around them. The burden of supervision falls onto their parents. It is just like with anything else they are taught.

The parents should take an active role in raising their children. But what about when their parents just do not take the time to notice that there is a problem with their child? All children start to show aggressiveness when they are very young. We have all witnessed it when a child throws things because they did not get their way.

We have seen when a child bites or hits another person because they are angry. All of these behaviors generally start before a child is old enough to watch television or even know what media is. So, if violence in the media is the problem then why do children at such a young age express aggression to the point of violence? Researchers have shown that aggression is genetically woven into our DNA. It goes along with our fight or flight response. We feel the need to protect what is ours and sometimes at any cost. When we look back throughout our history there has always been violence in some form or another.

At one time when our country was young we had gunslingers and everyone had a gun to protect what was theirs. It was not considered to be violent behavior. It was just human nature. Children wanted to play cowboys and Indians and go around shooting each other with toy guns.

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This was normal everyday behavior, but as time has passed and technology has grown, things have definitely changed. Over the years the media violence has begun to become more extreme. The programs that were on television when it first started are nothing like the ones we see on television today. Now violence has become an effective method to promote movies, television shows, and even music. There have been several studies that show that children are becoming desensitized to the violence they see around them. The registration process just couldn't be easier.

Log in or register now. It is all free! All Rights Reserved. It is detrimental that parents and caregivers pay special attention to the viewing habits of adolescence. By removing violent programming from children's repertoires now, they are helping to create a better well-adjusted adult in the future. Another important factor to take into consideration is that even programming targeted at children can contain violence. Cartoons are no exception.

Essay On How Television Affects Children

Cartoons actually contain some of the most violent acts found in television programming. They portray acts that in the real world would fatally harm an individual. The majority of people will remember their favorite cartoons as children. Wyle Coyote, Elmer Fudd, and even the infamous Tom and Jerry are notorious pranksters and perpetrators of violence. Who does not recall the falling anvil that crashes atop the poor unsuspecting, cartoon character's head? Elmer Fudd is forever chasing Bugs Bunny with a rifle, ready to shoot him on site. Even Tom and Jerry readily makes use of situations that cut off tails, and smash their characters beyond recognition.

Children often laugh at the violence being portrayed in cartoons such as these. In reality they are laughing at a character perpetrating violence and aggression toward another. When hostility is presented in a comical fashion such as this, young children may make the connection of violence and humor. This can cause a child to believe that pain and hurting someone is humorous. They do not realize aggressive acts can cause real harm.

In a book called Violent Cartoons, the author points out that children less than five years old need help processing what they are viewing. Young children do not understand that cartoon violence is animation. They do not understand that cartoon violence does not reflect what happens in the real world Dickenson Since children cannot make that connection, they may in fact be more prone to act out the violence they see on a make believe cartoon.

They may indeed not realize the repercussions of hurting someone in the real world. They do not make the connection between imaginary and reality. When a parent is watching what cartoons their children are viewing, it is always a good for parents to ask themselves if their child is old enough to distinguish between animation and reality.

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If parents are genuinely concerned with what their children are viewing, there are several options available to them. They can watch the same programs their children are, and decide if that show is appropriate for their kids. They can also utilize parental control features now found on almost every satellite or Cable Companys remote control. In the new age of technology there are also specialized websites where parents can review specific movies, television shows and cartoons.

Parents generally write these reviews. Their intention is too make note of violent or controversial acts and may not be appropriate for children. With this information it allows a parent to make an informed decision when deciding what their children are allowed to view. They are also a great source for recommending appropriate shows for young audiences.

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Making use of these simple ideas and suggestions can help alleviate some concerns parents my have about the content their children are watching. In closing we are not arguing the fact that violence and aggression are widely displayed on television. Nor are we arguing the censorship of violence. We are however arguing what effect television violence has on children. Will children who view acts of aggression on television exhibit hostile aggression?

The majority of the evidence concludes that the answer is yes. Parents should keep that in mind the next time their children are watching television. What characters are their children imitating on television? Are they barking like the innocent dog on Blue's Clues, or are they pretending to be in a fighting stance ready to punch the bad guy? A dog is pretty harmless, but a punch thrown at a younger sibling can be detrimental to the physical and mental well being of both children.

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Cable and satellite companies put parental controls on remote controls for a reason. Parents and caregivers are ultimately responsible for what their children view on TV. It is recommended that parents exhibit their responsibility and take control of their children's viewing habits. If your children are regularly watching violent and aggressive shows, change the channel. By doing so, you will not only be deterring your children from committing hostile aggression, but helping to groom a better adult in years to come. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents.

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